Sunday, December 5, 2010

7 Reasons to love Beyblades!

If you enjoy Beyblades, there's probably one reason only - they're fun! Do you really need to know more? Does it matter why they're fun? Maybe not to most people, but some of us are curious about why a toy or game is wildly popular, and looking at Beyblades, we can find a lot of reasons. Read on to see what our in-house expert JD thinks about them:

  1. Beyblades are affordable - you don't have to throw down hundreds of dollars...or even fifty dollars to get started.
  2. They've got a television tie-in that makes sense. The back story and ongoing battles make the game more engaging, and now you can even own blades from the new Metal Fusion season.
  3. It's a game - and a good one! It takes knowledge and experience to put together a tough blade for a particular battle, and skill to launch it just right for maximum impact.
  4. They're collectible. Finding and owning rare or unusual blades is a challenge, and it sets the serious Beyblades fan apart from the casual player.
  5. They're customizable. While there's always some element of chance in the game, you can customize your blades not just to look cool, but also to change the way they behave in the arena, which leads to....
  6. They're educational! You might be surprised to realize that mastering Beyblades involves understanding physics: inertia, mass, velocity, torque, friction, and rotational energy! Maybe players know the terms and maybe they don't - but good ones learn how these forces interact and how their choices and techniques affect the outcome of a battle.
  7. They have a huge age range for fun - a 4-year-old will enjoy spinning the tops and watching them hit, while even adults can get into maximizing a blade's potential for competitive play.
So there you have it: Beyblades are great on every level, and we've got a feeling that their popularity will only grow as more people learn the ropes and want to be part of the action. So what aspect of Beyblades do you like the most? Collecting? Playing against friends? Or working up your skills and testing combinations to make the best Beyblade to dominate in every arena?