Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old School Nintendo!

Jackalope here reminiscing about the good old 8-bit glory days of Old School Nintendo.
Recently the guys in the office have had Nintendo on their minds.
New controllers and systems that allow you to play your old Nintendo games just came in to the office. Obviously once Nintendo was on the minds of everyone, various opinions were brought up. I brought up the arguments of the merits of Metroid Vs. Megaman and Dragon Warrior Vs. Final Fantasy to a close by announcing my two favorite games for the NES: Faxanadu and Battle of Olympus!
Silence was followed by an emphatic "What are those?" Yes, the prevailing opinion of those that could recall the games were not positive. Sad, really.
So everyone has a strong opinion about NES, here is the chance to voice yours!

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