Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Beast from the East makes his inaugural giveaway to...

Thank you to everyone who entered - I started my day laughing. So many of these were funny and fitting, but we had to pick just one, and it is Warren "Zevon" Piece.

Congratulations, Clayton! Please let us know where to send your prize!

Warren "Zevon" Piece was just too clever to pass up. In case anyone doesn't know the references: Warren Zevon sang "Werewolves of London." And think of the name itself: Warren Piece (War and Peace)?  That's epic! I mean literally epic - a reference to Tolstoy's epic!

Now if only my cat had such a good name! ><


Comment by Clayton:
Wednesday, October 26th 2011 at 8:50 pmEditDeleteSpam

His name will be Warren “Zevon” Piece.



JD said...

A bit of history plus a pun!? How can we *not* choose this name!? -JD

brickmastre said...

It reminds me of Warren Piece from Sky High!

Clayton said...

Hello, I'm sending it to Bebs on the BA Forum. And thank you guys so much, lol, my heart almost stopped seeign that, lol.

Bebs said...

Awesome! I was wondering when you'd notice :)

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