Thursday, September 17, 2009

NHL 22!

NHL 22 is now available at Toywiz!

NHL 22 is a very interesting set. While it has some of the better players in the league, it also includes some of the players that are on the fringe, and those that changed teams since McFarlane announced the set.

The biggest head scratcher for me is why they included Saku Koivu in the set, after his better years have passed.

While only a few years ago he was one of the best centers in the NHL, he is now at best a second tier player. What makes it even more interesting is that he switched teams in the off-season, something that any pedestrian hockey fan saw coming.

The addition of Mats Sundin was also a curious one. Mats Sundin is, to say the least, the Brett Favre of the National Hockey League.

Every off-season is filled with "will he or won't he" talk and currently he is not signed to any team. He is depicted in a Vancouver Canucks jersey, a team he only spent about 3 months with last season.

I do like the addition of Daryl Sittler to the set. While I am not a hockey historian, it's always nice to see a throwback player mixed in with current players.

Sittler is most famous for his 10 point game, which is a record that stands until this day.

Always nice is the addition of Alex Ovechkin and Miika Kipprusoff to the set. While Ovechkin is very quickly being played out in McFarlane sets.

I have always been of the mind that Kiprusoff has not really received his due in the NHL due to the fact that he plays for the Flames, a team that is rarely consistent.

All things said, it's a set that is work checking out.

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