Friday, September 25, 2009


Lots of big happenings this week in the world of UFC.

To start the week, Rampage Jackson retired to focus on his career as an actor. He has already landed his first major role as B.A. Baracus, the role made famous by Mr. T.

Jackson basically said no thanks to the life of luxury, as well as the complete trust of the organization. Dana White is not stupid and yet he trusted Jackson, bailing him out of jail and making him one of the coaches on the newest season of the Ultimate Fighter.

When he received news of Jackson's "retirement," he somewhat took the high road and didn't completely bash Jackson. However, there were a few snide comments and he seemed generally unhappy.

Later in the week, White announced that Kimbo Slice would become a member of the UFC, whether or not he wins the Ultimate Fighter. That's a huge swing, as Dana White once said that Slice would never fight in the UFC.

Is Dana White mellowing, or is he just doing what he can to keep his product in the limelight? Maybe he's gearing up for an acting career of his own..

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