Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aspiring YouTube/Video Stars: Want a $25 Gift Certificate?

We love seeing products in your videos, and we want to see more! Do you have an unboxing, how-to or review you'd like to share? We will be checking out new videos and awarding $25 Gift Certificates to our favorites!

To be eligible, there are just a few simple rules.

  1. You must be over 18 or have your parents' permission.

  2. Make a video about any of our toys, collectibles or games. It doesn't have to be about - it can be anything related to our product lines. You can describe items you collect, show off tricks and tips for playing games, or just let your imagination go!

  3. Be sure to mention in the video or the video description/remarks section.

  4. Upload it to YouTube or somewhere similar.

  5. Post a link to your video in the comments section for this entry. You can also email a link it to, but please watch for a confirmation message - it is possible that your message could be lost in a spam filter! And please don't attach the video file, it will need to be uploaded elsewhere with a link provided.

  6. Void where prohibited by law, and of course, you must be the original creator of the work and have the right to use and distribute the video - no cheating! These rules could be amended at any time to comply with legal regulations, and will be updated here if necessary.

  7. $25 gift certificates will be offered to the creators of those videos chosen as favorites by our staff, on the condition that we can link to them from our social networks.

  8. This is an ongoing event. You can make as many videos as you like and we'll watch them all! We have not determined a set number of gift certificates - we'll be awarding them at least monthly, so enter any time!

So there you go: Lights, Camera....ACTION! Show off your toys & video skills!

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