Thursday, May 19, 2011

200 Million Die-Cast cars would make quite a traffic jam...

Since the release of Cars, that's about how many die-cast cars Disney has sold, according to The Telegraph:
Half of all six to 11-year-old boys in the United States own a Cars T-shirt. Disney’s consumer products division has made roughly $6billion (£3.7billion) from Cars, making it the second-most successful film merchandising franchise of all time – trailing only Star Wars. (Source)

Well we've certainly noticed that around here - our Cars fly off the shelves as soon as they make the site! With the new Cars 2 coming out July 22, we've already been selling the tie-ins for months, and new merchandise is still arriving regularly. We'll be trying to keep up with demand when the film hits theaters, but I expect that for some items and models, supplies & availability could be limited due to demand.

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