Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marvel Universe Series 17 Action Figures: A star lineup for the last release of 2011

With the last wave of 2011 now in stock, I can say that Marvel chose to bring a strong lineup to the last release of the year. We have not one, but two female superheroes in this release, Psylocke and Storm, rounding out any X-Men fan's wishlist for sure.


One of my favorites from series 17 has to be Iron Fist - with the recent resurgence of interest in classic Kung Fu and martial arts and a figure readily posed for combat, complete with flaming fist, this one is a certain winner.

Iron Fist

The new version of Thunder Age Thor was  a great choice with the recent hit movie now on DVD, and Patriot is a classic American hero in the with ties to another hero featured in a summer blockbuster, Captain America. Both are well done, with Patriot's costume and shield looking especially spiffy. Daredevil rounds out the release - another master of martial arts and a very popular choice with fans.



So what do you think of the new lineup? Any must-haves for your collection, or near-misses you'll avoid?

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