Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre is Back!

So once again, Brett Favre has decided to go back on his word and join the National Football league once again.

Just to ensure how truly slimy he is, he went and joined his former teams biggest rival in the Minnesota Vikings. The real question is though, should anyone really care that Brett Favre is back?

I am a life-long Giants fan but was always sympathetic towards the Jets and always made sure to check out their games on Sunday. However, I couldn't stomach the thought of watching the team last season with Favre under center.

I can't pinpoint my disdain for Favre, because let's be completely honest with ourselves. He has never been convicted of a crime, he has never tested positive for anything not allowed in the NFL and he apparently loves dogs.

So why does the general public, myself included not seem to have that warm, fuzzy feeling towards him?

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