Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jeremy Piven's WWE RAW Performance: What Wrestling Fans Need To Know

For the past few days, I have seen a few articles criticizing Jeremy Piven. For those who don't know by now, Piven was the guest host for WWE RAW on Monday Night. He had a guest co-host in Dr. Ken to help him out on top of that.

When he came out, cheers flooded the arena. I don't know if there was an applause sign similar to that on ECW when the Abraham Washington Show was on, but I digress. In any case, he came out and did a pretty well to start it off.

When The Miz and John Cena came out, he made a small mistake. Miz wanted a match with John Cena, but Cena really didn't want to fight him again because he had beaten him many times before. So, Cena came up with the idea that there should be a stipulation of some sort.

Piven liked the idea and had his own idea of banning Miz from "Summerfest" if he lost. Ok, most wrestling fans know he meant Summerslam, but people are bashing him far too much for that small error.

He knew he made a big social blunder, so he tried to improvise when Cena corrected him by saying, "And you're banned from Summerfest too, whatever that is."

For you people out there who do not know what Summerfest is, it is the largest musical festival in the world. It is something Piven, who is not a massive wrestling fan, would make the mistake of saying instead of Summerslam.

See, if you are a guy like Piven who is in the entertainment industry, you may know a lot about Summerfest considering some of the best bands in the world play there. You may not know much about Summerslam.

Sure, the WWE considers itself to be a part of the entertainment industry. But seriously, wrestling is close to the bottom of the food chain when it comes to that if we are being honest. Sure most wrestling fans would not say that, but we have to be realistic here.

You have music and acting above it easily, and because of that one would make the mistake of saying Summerfest instead of Summerslam. Piven has probably been to one of the Summerfest shows before, but never Summerslam.

They both start with Summer, so it is an honest mistake. You do realize others make mistakes too right? Even those in wrestling.

I know, I was shocked to hear this too, but it is true. Go to YouTube and look up wrestling mistakes and you'll get hundreds of videos backing up that statement.

Once Piven made that one mistake, wrestling fans automatically judged the rest of the night by it, which is wrong because he did do a pretty good job.

I keep hearing the dumb, tired argument that it was all one big promotional thing for "The Goods."

Think people—that is what he is there for. Shaq did the same thing and so did ZZ Top. The WWE got him on the show because they promised him he would have a chance to plug his new movie if he hosted, which is a fair thing to do.

They made some comedic moments out of it, which I kind of enjoyed. Especially when he turned to the camera when he was talking to a wrestler and said "Oh, do you mean my new movie, "The Goods," opening August 14 in movie theaters everywhere?"

It was funny, yet some wrestling fans decided to hate the entire show over the one mistake he made earlier in the night.

Some of the segments with Piven did plugged the new movie, but there were others that didn't. Plus think of this, he didn't write what he was saying. The WWE Writers did.

So if you're mad at the whole "promotional" end of things, blame them. If they write it, he says it.

To blame Piven for what went down is completely stupid. He made a mistake, which was his bad, but that was the only blunder he had. I feel he made up for it with his work the rest of the night.

Now, I was not a fan of the end of RAW like many of you. I was also not a big fan of Dr. Ken's performance, but Ken is not who we are judging here. We are judging Piven and his performance, so take Ken out of it for a second.

Pretend he was not there, how did Piven do? I feel he did well with what he was given.

The heel turn at the end was a bit dumb by the writers, and I was not a big fan of it sorry to say. But I feel Piven did well with it.

He didn't have long to develop his heel character, so he is not going to be considered the best heel in history or anything, but for a host to turn heel is hard because you don't have long to make him a full fledged one.

With that said, you have to think he did well with the amount of time he had.

Wrestling fans are some of the most hardcore fans you will ever meet. They have a passion for the industry and it shows. But sometimes they judge to harshly, which is what we are seeing here with Piven.

I feel we should give him credit for the job he did, because he does deserve it. Ok, he made a mistake, but get over it wrestling fans. It is not like you have never made a mistake yourself.

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