Monday, August 3, 2009

Fedor signs with Strikeforce

According to reports, Fedor Emelianenko will sign with Strikeforce, after talks with the UFC broke down.

This is a huge signing for Strikeforce, which is one of the UFC's biggest competitors.

This is also favorable for Mixed Martial Arts fans, as Strikeforce airs it's events on Showtime, which is way more accesible to the American public than having to purchase individual fights on Pay-Per-View.

There is also the possibility that Strikeforce will be able to sign bigger names now that someone like Fedor is on the roster.

This move is a win-win for both Strikeforce and Fedor. The only loser is the UFC. Dana White was too full of himself to give in to Fedor's demands and ended up losing him to a competitor.

If Dana White is not careful, he just might end up losing his grip on the UFC. The UFC in turn just might lose it's grip on the MMA world.

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