Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Landshark at last!

And a "landfish" too. And we're getting them (Air Swimmers) just in time for my birthday in September, yo! Hint, hint - $39.99 at ToyWiz.com, link is to the left. I'm not saying get me one, just saying they're totally <-right there!

First, what it is: A giant, remote-controlled zeppelin-fish of either the scary shark or more kid-friendly clownfish variety.

Why it's great: Hello! It's a big flying fish with realistic fins that work! These things move faster than you think and are far more agile than I expected. Gone are the days of the lame balloon-on-a-string blimps that just bob in the air (boring)! You can really put this baby right where you want it...in perfect position to startle a friend, perhaps.

Watch the video to see how these Air Swimmers move, then scroll down to find out just why I want one so much.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIJINiK9azc&w=400&h=255]

So...what would I do with an Air Swimmer?

  • First and foremost, I would chase my pets. The dog, definitely. The cat...well I don't think I'd see the cat for awhile after bringing one of these out.

  • Buzz my roommate while she's on the computer. I can definitely see navigating a shark down the hall and into her room for a good scare.

  • Freak out the neighbor's child. I think I might just coordinate with his parents to fly it back and forth outside his window a few times to see his reaction. (Dad, get the video camera ready - YouTube wants to see it too).

  • Answer my door. I just picture my friends standing there looking into my living room, only to have a giant shark come around the corner, right up to the screen.

  • Deliver messages upstairs...because I'm that lazy and I hate yelling. Instead, I could just attach a note and send it by Candygram Fishgram.

What would you do with an Air Swimmer? I'm looking for ideas!

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pengun said...

I would put a rope with a dog treat on it and see how high I can get my dogs to jump for it or scar them with it