Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brickarms Trivia, Facts and...oh yeah, 108 of them on SALE!

We were talking about Brickarms on Friday and realized a lot of things. First and foremost: We're #1! We love that, and it's because of you! So we decided to celebrate with a sale and share a little Brickarms trivia!

Brickarms Mystery Sale

We've had a long and awesome relationship with Brickarms and Will Chapman, so here area few fun ToyWiz/Brickarms facts:

  • ToyWiz was Will's very first reseller for Brickarms! We saw the product and fell in love with it, so we wanted to support the business from very early on!

  • ToyWiz remains the #1 reseller for Brickarms worldwide. I'd love to tell you how many we've sold, but I can't count that high!

  • On the Brickarms forums, ToyWiz's section is the third most popular for posting - right behind the Vignettes & Dioramas and the Minifigs sections! And we think that's the perfect place to be - after all, Brickarms are all about the builds!

  • The ToyWiz section is far and away #1 on the forums for post responses! That may sound silly, but it means that we're not just posting to get post counts - it means that the activity in the ToyWiz resellers section is real - we're a hot place to be!

  • ToyWiz has employees who really love Brickarms, just like you. We've got over 60,000 toys and games to play with, but we keep coming back to Brickarms for our own hobbies. JD and Bebs do customs, and we have others who enjoy building and making minifigs too!

  • The owner of ToyWiz loves Brickarms so much, we're allowed to post on forums and work on our customs at work. That's right! We sometimes get to play with Brickarms while we're on the clock. IT IS AWESOME!

That's all I can think of for now, except this: THANK YOU! If it weren't for community support, we wouldn't get to have so much fun with our own Brickarms! We love you guys!

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