Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring-loaded, head-splitting action with McFarlane's new Walking Dead Zombies

GeekTyrant managed to get some great pictures of some new Walking Dead packaging yesterday, revealing extra-juicy details. I have to say, McFarlane outdid themselves with lots of innovative twists that set these far above the typical action figure.

The package shown is for the 2-pack Zombie Roamer & Zombie Lurker. There are going to be a must-have!

  • Zombie Roamer: "Push Button to see head split and brains splatter up" - yes, it does that! Note that the lever to reset the head is a knife in the walker's back. Genius!

  • Zombie Lurker: "Upper body detaches to reveal guts / Turns into a zombie crawler" Yes, I do believe that looks like a bit of spine and guts trail for the crawler!

  • Both zombies have detachable parts - like a hand that can be removed to show exposed bone and gore

The Walking Dead Zombie Lurker & Zombie Roamer 2-pack

[caption id="attachment_1448" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="The Walking Dead Zombie Lurker & Zombie Roamer 2-pack"]The Walking Dead Zombie Lurker & Zombie Roamer 2-pack[/caption]

Now available for pre-order at now, along with the rest of the McFarlane Walking dead lineup.

What's your opinion of the "action" on these action figures? Too gross? Just right?


Lando said...

Must.. have.. "head splitting action!"

Bebs said...

I don't think aspirin will be enough for that kind of headache.