Monday, September 12, 2011

McFarlane Toys announces Halo Reach Series 6 lineup

Exciting news over at about new Halo Reach figures coming in 2012! We just saw the release of the Anniversary Edition release a couple of weeks ago, and I'm already excited to hear about what's coming next for this line!

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Single figures,2-packs, 3-packs and accessories will be available. Click the items below to pre-order, or click here to see ALL Halo Reach Pre-orders available!


  • Jun with his Sniper Rifle and a frag grenade, unhelmeted

  • Kat with her Magnum and a frag grenade, no helmet!

  • Brute Major - a golden-armored warrior with a Spike Rifle & Plasma Grenade

  • Elite Zealot - Wearing the maroon armor of the Sangheili Zealot and wielding a Concussion Rifle & Plasma Grenade

  • Sabre Pilot - wearing Echo Team's blue flightsuit and the UNSC Air Force enclosed helmet, comes with DMR

  • Spartan HazOp - a TRU exclusive with orange rust paint.

  • Spartan Recon - Team 1 red armor with matching helmet, shoulders & chestplate with Rocket Launcher & Frag Grenade, for Target

  • Spartan JFO - White armor & a new weapon, the Target Locator, for Game Stop


  • Team Objectives -  a team red Spartan Mark V with Assault Rifle, a Red Flag with detachable base, Blue Flag with detachable base, UNSC Assault Bomb, Covenant Assault Bomb, and a Capture Plate

  • Headhunter - 2 Spartans and 5 flaming skulls! A male EVA custom with green & yellow armor and DMR, and a Spartan Commando custom with violet and yellow armor and a Sniper Rifle. Each of the 5 skulls is different!


  • Invasion - A red team Spartan Grenadier custom with Grenade Launcher, a blue team Elite General with Plasma Repeater, and both a UNSC Data Core and Covenant Data Core for each soldier to defend or capture.

  • Long Night of Solace - An unhelmeted version of Jorge with his Machine Gun Turret, the rare gold-armored version of the Elite Ranger, and Noble Six with Magnum and the all-new M-Spec Re-Entry Pack.


  • Generator Defense - Generator withs a lockdown shield that can be raised and lowered and a radar dish that spins and pivots. Also includes a male Spartan JFO custom in sage and steel armor, equipped with a Shotgun.


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