Monday, June 20, 2011

Monster Monday Continues with CLOVERFIELD!

So you didn't get a good enough look at this guy in the movie, right? A lot of frustrated movie-goers complained about it, but I loved the way he was obscured til the big reveal.

Roaring Cloverfield Monster Head

The action figure, of course, will let you get that close-up any time! This is a big roaring 14"  monster with interchangeable heads, parasites and the severed head of Lady Liberty to recreate an unforgettable Cloverfield scene on your shelf!

Cloverfield Monster

This is the only collectible from the series, so there aren't many left for sale.

Cloverfield Monster Action Figure

Edited to add: After making this post, my co-worker JD mentioned that the monster's name is Clover, which reminded me that my great-uncle once had a mule named Clover. Clover wasn't a good mule, either. But since there's no Clover-the-Mule action figure, I'm sticking with this sweet Clover-the-Cloverfield-monster figure.


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