Monday, July 11, 2011

Bringing Angry Birds Home to Roost

I'll start this post with a confession: I'm addicted to Angry Birds. I no longer hate waiting for a train, in line or anywhere else because I automatically whip out the phone and start slinging birds like a boss. 3-star levels? Check. Golden Eggs? You bet!

At least I'm not alone though - an Angry Birds movie is in the works, AB cakes are all the rage for parties, and tons of merchandise arrives almost weekly, and I have to confess that I've go a few of these myself. I can justify it all though with one blog post, so here's my review of the best Angry Birds tie-ins to cross my path!

The first and best arrival was Angry Birds plush. My personal favorite is the 8-inch Red bird - amazingly soft and squishy, plus it has the perfect grouch face. I have this and the Blue bird, and they look sweet anywhere you perch them. The plush also come in huge 16-inch version, and these have sold out amazingly fast on pre-order (I promise, it wasn't me!).  We do still have the greatest (Red Bird)  available in the giant size though. But now we have them with SOUND from the game. Those are amazing too. And of course, we have miniature birds, figurine birds, keychain birds...I'm not even kidding! Never since Hitchcock have so many irate birds been in one place....

Okay, I'm not Tippi Hedren...though I'd love to see a spoof of this famous scene with Angry Birds instead of these really super-scary ones!

And finally, they're taking the game offline too. The Angry Birds Knock on Wood game looks most excellent! Build the structures & knock them down with real birds and slingshots. But what I really want is this playground ball. If only I could get the crew here to step outside for a game of Ultimate Angry Birds Dodge Ball...well the workday would be pretty much perfect.

And I do have to give equal time here...we have pigs too. Horrible, terrible, mean pigs! That's right, I said it - I am on Team Birds! I hear rumors that some people feel the pigs are being treated unfairly. That they've got good reason to steal the eggs! Nonsense I say!

But if you're on Team Pigs please let me know - just why should I switch allegiance away from the poor, long-suffering birds?

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