Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford - a real life action figure of a man

We all loved him as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, and in so many other roles too. But think about it: this man is both Han and Indiana - and that's about 225% more awesome than any one human being should have in a single lifetime!

To write this post, I skimmed IMDb and Wikipedia too, and realized I'd forgotten just how long Harrison has been working in front of a camera. Born in 1942, he was already acting in Hollywood in the 1960s. Two huge movie franchises spawned action figures based on his characters, so I started wondering: could he be the man most often reproduced in action figures? I don't know the answer, but it led to this exchange at work today:

me: If you had to guess, do you think it would be reasonable to think that Harrison Ford might be the actor with the most action figures made of him? He's got both Han and Indiana. Who's got more action clout than that?

Sent at 12:26 PM on Wednesday

JD:  Well technically I would say it's either David Prowse (Darth Vader) Mark Hamill, or the actor who played Jango Fett, as he is also the Clones so he has the most BY FAR.

Sent at 12:30 PM on Wednesday

me:  Luke is the most produced figure, but if you added all the Hans and Indianas, could they surpass him?

Jango Fett is a dirty cheater. Clones don't count.

Sent at 12:31 PM on Wednesday

JD:  No, I would say Mark beats him out.

And I had to stop there, because Harrison Ford deserves to be the actor most produced in action figures. Sorry, Mark Hamill, but Indy/Han has so much more going on.

Ultimately, we do sell tons of different Harrison/Indy/Han figures, from the inexpensive to the extraordinary, but in honor of the man's big 69th birthday today, here are a couple of the greatest from Sideshow Collectibles:

If these are a bit more than your collection will hold, but you'd like to see our other figures, search our site for  "Han Solo" or "Indiana Jones."  We've got everything from classic Star Wars to Bobbleheads for Harrison's iconic characters!

And let me know just one thing in the comments: Indy or Han? Which do you think is the greatest Harrison Ford role?


Lando said...


And I don't really need any supporting points, but here are three anyway:
1. His best friend is a Wookie.
2. He isn't afraid of snakes (space or earth-based).
3. That irritating Shia Labeouf doesn't play his his son.

Bebs said...

Okay, I get your point. But for the sake of argument:

1. I hear Wookies have fleas. Just sayin'. Not even sure that thing had his rabies shot.
2. Fear of snakes is a healthy trait!
3. Yeah, you've got me there.

JD said...

Here are 3 real reasons why Indy is better.
1.) Han is a criminal while Indy has a respectable career as a professor, his side job? He finds precious artifacts as a master archeologist.
2.) His "sidekick" is always an attractive woman or Sean Connery.
3.) Indy never got frozen in carbonite.

Lando said...

If I wasn't looking for an argument I would have only needed to post my third point.

1. "That thing!?" Sounds like someone is an Imperial apologist or works on a certain space station. J'accuse!!
2. It also sounds like someone is afraid of snakes.
3. "That's the way you do it! That's the way you debate!" - Frank Ricard

Bebs said...

1. Obviously, you've never had to vacuum behind a wookie.
2. A strong survival instinct is a mark of superior intelligence. It isn't fear, though. Just an aversion. Huge difference.
3. I'm not afraid of snakes.

4. Totally not afraid.

Lando said...

1. Han was forced into a less than honorable life by the oppressive Empire. I would say by not playing by the rules set forth by "the man" he proved to be a true space patriot.
2. I didn't realize Short Round was an attractive woman. I'll just assume we have different tastes in women.
3. It took both Boba Fett and Darth Vader to get Han in that state. And once released he took out Fett like a punk while he was still blind-ish.

JD said...

1.) So you're saying Jabba the Hutt is a space patriot as well? I certainly don't consider what he's doing too heroic. Then again Han worked for him.
2.) Please! Short Round wasn't a sidekick, he was comic relief, there is quite the difference. Let's be honest Marion was far more attractive than Leia, also she never kissed her brother.
3.) Didn't han get lucky and shoot him in the back by accident? While Han was getting lucky fighting a hit man Indy was killing Nazis. NAZIS!

Bren926 said...


1.) Indy uses a real, American gun while Han uses a modified German pistol.

2.) Indy has better taste in friends. (The monkey, Short Round, Schneider!)

3.) Indy probably doesn't even own a car, he hijacks most of them!