Friday, July 1, 2011

Redakai for All Ages

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu has a lot of engaging factors: unique gameplay, gorgeous cards, and perhaps most importantly: almost anyone can play, right out of the box.

That isn't to say that the game lacks skill or complexity - it will certainly challenge experienced gamers as well. But Redakai can be played with basic rules for the young or inexperienced (we're all newbies sometimes), and an advanced rule-set and strategies to engage more sophisticated players.

This dynamic is going to be fantastic for Redakai and for the entire TCG genre:

  • Kids can be introduced to trading card gameplay at an earlier age and transition to the more advanced rule-set whenever they're ready.

  • Mixed-age pairings can still have fun - older & younger family members will enjoy playing each other without unfair advantages or disadvantages.

  • Younger kids will master quite a few important skills without even realizing it's happening: basic addition and subtraction, greater than/less than comparisons, taking turns, good sportsmanship and reading instructions are all part of the game.

You can probably tell I'm excited about playing this game! I've even made a video that I hope to post soon!

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