Monday, June 29, 2009

Chris Jericho and Edge, The NEW WWE Unified Tag Team Champions

Well, it seems Canada finally got a boost last night at The Bash as two of Canada's favorite sons made them proud.

SmackDown GM Teddy Long's job was on the line, if he didn't do something good, and I mean really good, then he would be fired.

So, he added the former Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho and the former World Heavyweight Champion Edge to the Unified Tag Team Title match.

They would be facing Legacy's Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes and of course the current Unified Tag Champs themselves, The Colons.

We all thought going into the match, that the WWE would finally give Legacy a boost by having DiBiase and Rhodes win the tag titles. However, that was not the case as Edge and Jericho won the belts in a hard fought contest.

I think this is a stupid move by the WWE. Sure, Jericho and Edge have been tag champs before respectively. But they are both the two best heels in the WWE behind the current WWE Champion Randy Orton.

They are singles Superstars, why make them go back to the tag title race when they don't need to?  A team such as Legacy needed those titles if you ask me.

I personally think it makes no sense at all, and whoever thinks otherwise must have forgotten how to think.

I am by no means trying to say the WWE is trash here. However, the move they made to have Jericho and Edge win the titles was complete trash.

Edge is now a 13 time Tag Team Champion. He doesn't need to go back to the tag team division. He has been there, and done that. He bought the T-Shirt, and even bought property to the land there.

If you ask me, there will be a storyline with the two going against each other.

Both of their egos are bigger than The Big Show's buttocks, so obviously they will melt down and lose the titles because they just cannot get along.

I don't see a face turn for either Jericho or Edge, as they are both great heels. But I do expect them to see a few beefs with one another leading to the titles changing hands and a storyline with the both of them.

Having Edge win a title right now is dumb anyway, he is set to take time off in a month or so as he has been in some hard fought matches, along with the normal house shows and TV show matches he is in every week.

I know you have to be tough to be a wrestler, but come on. This man has been in two Elimination Chamber matches, a Steel Cage match, and a Ladder Match all within a few months. So he is in need of a break obviously.

Because of this, I see the two losing the tag titles most likely at Night of Champions next month. It will be storylined as they just cannot get along. But we all know it is because Edge is in need of a rest. Who they will lose them to is up in the air, but for now Canada can celebrate.

Jericho and Edge both will be coming home to their home country with the titles to a celebrating audience. However, as I mentioned, it will be short lived.

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