Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So word has it that Kimbo Slice is going to be appearing on the upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter, which is the UFC's reality show.
The season will feature all heavyweights, rather than different weight classes, as it has in the past.
Is this a good move for Kimbo Slice, the internet sensation that fizzled out late last year?
Does he have a chance to win the Ultimate Fighter?


Dramapickle said...

This must be some kind of joke. Kimbo is a great brawler against random thugs and street toughs but against true fights? He hasn't a chance. He'll be eliminated from the show by the third cut. The show being all Heavyweights is an interesting change, I'll be watching this season for sure.

East Coast Mango said...

Team. Kimbo. For. Life.

Dramapickle said...

If I wasn't sure you were trolling I would call you an idiot.