Monday, June 15, 2009

NES Review #1: Paperboy

That word alone brings back memories of how quaint video games once were.
The object of the game was very simple. You were a paperboy and you're mission was to deliver papers to one of three streets for a full week. The streets were based on how difficult the level was.
If you fall of the bike, you lost a life. Losing all lives results in being fired, with a fun graphic and a gruff voice, just like Don Brodka from the Simpsons episode "Marge Be Not Proud."
You know, the guy who says capisce, but Bart hears Catfish? Leaves messages that sound like he's carrying on a conversation? No? Bueller? Ok, moving on..
Of course, as there is in any video game, there were obstacles. Life isn't easy and neither was Paperboy.
As the Paperboy, you had to dodge certain things on your route, such as skateboarders, bees and even breakdancers, because apparently in the 1980's people liked to breakdance in the street.
I'm pretty sure no one ever completed Paperboy, so I can't tell you what happens at the end. I bet it's awesome, though.
Just thinking of this game makes me wanna break out my old Gameboy and try to save the neighborhood from the world of TV journalism.

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East Coast Mango said...

I like old video games better than the new ones.