Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NES Review #3: Magic Johnson's Fast Break

Magic Johnson's Fast Break, despite some minor flaws, was one of the better Sports games for the NES.
Fast Break really set the tone for a generation of Sports games, such as NBA Live, because it simulated basketball games in a way that you could normally not see them.
Although the same basic rules of Basketball were present, they were slightly modified so it would be more user-friendly.
Rather than a normal 5 on 5 matchup, the teams consisted of only two players, which really allowed the action to open up.
The game is somewhat corny and obviously, at this point, hackneyed. The court was crudely drawn and the baskets are crooked, but other than that, for an NES game, it at least resembled a real game.

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Guy Dooley said...

It's Double Dribble, or it's gah-bage.