Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grub for Gamers

A new product is about to hit called Gamer Grub .
The idea behind Gamer Grub is pretty self explanatory. It's food for gamers, in place of the old mainstays, like Hot Pockets and whatnot.
Gamer Grub, comes in a re-sealable package that is designed to sit on your desk, much like a drink. That would eliminate the need to get your keyboard dirty and allow you to eat food that has a great deal of protein and a cognitive blend of vitamins.
The creators really began to roll out their product at the E3 Expo earlier this month.
Right now there are two flavors, PB&J, as well as Pizza. There are plans to add two more flavors, Wasabi and Chocolate.
Look for them to hit our website in August!

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