Friday, June 19, 2009

NES Review #5: Q*Bert

Q*Bert is one of those games that sounds ridiculous until you actually play it. Then you see how ridiculous it is.
Q*Bert was originally an Arcade game and a popular one at that. It was originally conceived as a shooting game but was toned down to make it more fan friendly.
The idea of the game was to jump on cubes to try to reach the top of the pyramid. While jumping on the different cubes of the pyramid, color changes occured.
Q*Bert was impeded by several enemies: Coily, a purple snake that chases after Q*bert; Ugg and Wrong-Way, purple creatures that run along the sides of the cubes; and Slick and Sam, green, non-lethal gremlins.Contact with purple enemies and red balls results in Q*Bert swearing and dying, although the swearing was actually replaced with nonsensical phrases.
The game was popular enough that it spawned two sequels, neither as popular as the original.
For me, the everlasting legacy of Q*Bert was the time Family Guy did one of it's famous cut-aways, with Stewie as a roommate of Q*Bert who was annoyed that there were so many lights on in the pyramid.

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