Friday, May 8, 2009

Alex Rodriguez Makes His Return

Alex Rodriguez makes his return to the lineup for the Yankees just a day after the Manny Ramirez steroids fallout has begun.
A-Rod, who on February 7th was implicated as using steroids back in 2003, underwent hip surgery in March and will play in his first game tonight.
I have a hard time really hating Alex Rodriguez. I am a Yankees fan, so I may be a little biased, but to be honest, he's a good player. The idea that he doesn't produce in the clutch is more or less because he isn't getting good pitches to hit in those situations.
It's not as if he's getting strikes down the middle when the game is on the line.
The Yankees need him to step up upon his return. Usual rumblings about Joe Girardi's job security are already happening and none of the high-priced players are producing, though Mark Teixiera shows signs of breaking out of his season long slump.
That being said, it should be an interesting weekend. Make sure to check out Star Trek and let us know your thoughts!


Mambo #5 said...

A-Rod is great, but all this hype about the best player in baseball is just too much. Mickey Mantle,Ted Williams,Lou Gehrig, Mattingly, Papelbon. These are the greats.

As far as Manny and the steroids, thats what you get for abandoning the Sox...

gregthedestroyer said...

lets give it a few years before you put papelbon up there with those guys.