Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Harry Potter

It seems like Harry Potter is really getting pushed to the wayside in terms of summer movies, doesn't it?
In a Summer in which a new Terminator movie is coming out and Star Trek and Wolverine is already out, one of the biggest blockbuster series of the decade is getting almost no fanfare.
I know that the movie isn't coming out until July, but here we are, mid-May and nary a word has been spoken about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
There have been plenty of trailers shown, but it just doesn't seem to be in the mainstream like the other big movies have been this Summer.
So what it is? Is it just that Harry Potter isn't as popular, or is it being overshadowed by the other blockbusters?

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Jackalope said...

C'mon man, aren't you forgetting about a movie here: Transformers 2.

You know that movie that is going to make more money than...erm...people who make gobs of money! The heck with the likes of Wolverine and Terminator 4: McG's Revenge. The summer will be dominated by Transformers and when it settles down in the fall then Potter can come in and do its thing. The Potter series is great no doubt, but much of the excitement died out with the end of the book series.