Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Johnny Damon Is In The News Again

Word on the street is that A.J. Burnett's children have really connected with Johnny Damon.
Let's be honest, Damon probably has more in common with A.J. Burnett's kids than he does with Burnett, being that he was one of the "idiots" in Boston.
Before the weekend, A.J.'s kids gave Damon a WWE championship belt. As you may know, since then, the Yankees have been on a tear, sweeping the Minnesota Twins, with three "walk-off" wins and a solid 7-6 victory last night.
Since Friday, the belt has been passed around like a badge of honor. It was presented after Friday Night's walkoff win to Melky Cabrera, who won the game for the Yanks with a 9th inning home run. It was then presented to Alex Rodriguez after the game on Saturday after he hit a HR in the 11th inning and finally, it was presented back to Damon after the provided the heroics on Sunday with a game-winning HR in the 9th inning.
The exact details of the championship belt haven't been disclosed, but how cool would it be to own the same belt that the New York Yankees have been using as the proverbial "game ball," presented to the one who provided the team with the victory? I say very cool.

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