Friday, May 8, 2009


I am not the biggest basketball fan, right off the bat. However, when a player like Lebron James is in the prime of his career, I have no choice but to step back and appreciate it.
I didn't pay attention to most of Michael Jordan's career, to be honest. I just wasn't old enough to appreciate it. The Michael Jordan that I came to know is the one that wore a Birmingham Barons jersey and eventually a Washington Wizards jersey.
But for all the talk of who the "next" Jordan will be, just watch Lebron James in person.
To put it in perspective, next time you see Lebron in person, watch the crowd's reaction when he touches the ball.
To use an example from my line of extreme interest, the only time I have been blown away by an athlete is Alex Ovechkin.
I went to a Rangers-Capitals game in December and honestly, when Ovechkin touched the puck, it looked like a little league game, when one player runs circles around the others. Half of the team is looking at bugs in the outfield, while one player is going 3-3 with three home runs.
The point is this: Enjoy Lebron while you can, because when he's finished, we just might be talking about the "next" Lebron.

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East Coast Mango said...

There will only ever be one Michael Jordan. Lebron James is Lebron James, and that's that. I remember the hype around Grant Hill in the late 90's, everyone was saying the same thing. When do the "next Jordan" prospects transition from becoming, to being the next Jordan? Never. RED SOX FOR LIFE!