Friday, May 1, 2009


Some exciting news from the UFC this week.
On the heels of a disappointing fight between Anderson Silva and Thales Leites, Dana White, commissioner of the UFC announced that Silva will be taking on Forest Griffin in Philadelphia this summer.
This will be the UFC's first foray into Philadelphia and it is sure to be an exciting fight.
Unfortunately, Mixed Martial Arts is still not sanctioned in New York or New Jersey, so this may be the closest UFC will get to the Metropolitan area.
While the big money fight would really be Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva, this fight is not far off.
It will be an exciting summer for MMA, especially UFC.


Dramapickle said...

St. Pierre would rock Jackson's socks off!

Go Canada!

ToyWiz said...

In my opinion, Forest Griffin will BEAT Anderson Silva before George St. Pierre ever gets a chance to ruin the Spider's perfect record...