Friday, May 22, 2009

Sean Sherk Vs. Frank Edgar

The first televised fight of the night at UFC 98 on Saturday will be Sean Sherk vs. Frank Edgar.
Sean Sherk has been one of the most maligned UFC fighters in recent memory. He's been around for quite a while, bursting into the mainstream in 2001.
Sherk is possibly best known for failing a drug test in 2007. Although there is some controversy over whether it was an actual positive test, Sherk was suspended for a year. After an appeal, Sherk was able to return after just a 6-month absence.
This fight will be entertaining simply because of the names involved. Frank Edgar was featured in the MTV show , True Life: I'm a Mixed Martial Artist. So, combined with the similar fighting styles of the two, it will be an intriguing fight.
I think that Sherk will follow up his last win, over Tyson Griffin and dispose of Frank Edgar early on. Should be an interesting bout, let's see what happens!

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