Monday, July 13, 2009

Brock Lesnar's Pre and Post Fight Attitude

It seems the whole world wants to talk about UFC 100, and they do have a right to, as it was in my opinion one of the best UFC PPVs ever. It lived up the the hype, which I am glad to see something actually do so.

Quite Frankly, Brock Lesnar totally kicked... uh.....butt. Yeah, thats the word.

Ok, I admit I had Frank Mir winning the fight between the two, boy was I wrong. I figured that because Mir was a better technician, he would go in and get Lesnar locked up and make him submit, again. We all knew Lesnar would improve and not make a mistake like he did last time. But people forgot that Mir would do the same. He knew Lesnar could brawl, and he couldn't stand up against him, he needed to hit the mat. Yet, just like he did last time Mir went out and tried to brawl with Lesnar and it cost him. Lesnar won the fight, and proved he could hang with the best.

However, most people are not talking about the fight. Rather, they are talking about Lesnar pre and post fight behavior. People were upset that he flipped off the crowd, cursing, and talked about not liking certain beer(Bud which was sponsoring the event). By the way, wait until 21 to drink responsibly.

Anyway, people are talking about what Lesnar did, however they do not talk about what triggered it. For the people who watched the event, you saw the crowd cursing out Lesnar in the beginning. Lesnar didn't start that, the crowd did. All he did was get even, while I do not condone his actions, he didn't start it, just finished it. And for his comments to Mir, think of this. Mir has been talking up a big game for months now. He talked about how he beat Lesnar, how he would woop Lesnar, how Lesnar didn't match up with the likes of him, how "wrestlers" should go back where they came from.

Of course this infuriated Lesnar, therefore he took his feelings out on Mir in interviews and in the Octagon.

Now don't get me wrong, I feel Lesnar didn't handle things totally right. However, people do need to realize the actions that occurred before, rather than what happened at UFC 100.

Lesnar deserves respect for what he has done. He is UFC Heavyweight Champion afterall. He beat Herring, Couture, and even rival Mir along the way.

If you want to hate on someone, hate yourselves fans for causing this, and yourselves alone. Lesnar only reacted to what was caused by the you the fan.

Hate him if you will, but respect him you shall.

-Joe Burgett

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