Monday, July 20, 2009

NES Review #13: Werewolf:The Last Warrior

Werewolf: The Last Warrior is the story of an evil leader and his gang of bio-engineered monsters has taken over the land and only one man stands in their way.

Only he's not a man, he is a lycanthrope, a person able to transform into a terrible werewolf to let loose his anger.

This game brings to mind the series of very popular 1980's movies, Teen Wolf. The first movie starred Michael J. Fox, while the second, which was a considerable drop-off in both plot and acting, starred one Jason Bateman.

You start the game in human form. The human can punch, jump, move and shoot a powered up shot which moves horizontally across the screen. By finding a red icon, the human is able to transform into a mighty werewolf creature.

However, if you accidentally grab a blue icon or lose too much energy, you will change you back into a mere human being. The werewolf form offers higher jumps, quicker speed, greater strength, a shockwave attack and the ability to climb walls.

Additionally the werewolf form has an anger meter that is augmented by collecting orbs. After 5 such orbs, the werewolf will transform yet again into a Super Werewolf with even greater strength, speed and partial invincibility.

There are 5 stages in all. Each stage has a boss who moves in a distinct pattern.

Although my favorite Wolf paraphernalia is both a wolf shirt and the song Werewolves of London, this makes a run for the title.

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