Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who is Chris Jericho's New Tag Partner? I Have the Answer!

Chris Jericho escaped, literally escaped losing his Undisputed tag titles by the skin of his teeth.

See, his partner Edge suffered an injury which will sideline him indefinitely. This was a huge blow to the tag title and Jericho. But because Jericho had the law on his side, he was able to keep his gold.

But because Jericho's partner Edge is out, he will have to find a new partner. He has mentioned that his new partner will be revealed this Sunday at the WWE PPV Night of Champions. This leads me to my point, I want to figure out who his new partner is. I feel I have the answer, or at least suspects.

Chris Masters was released a while back, but Vince McMahon sat down with him, they discussed his issues and signed him back. Since he signed the WWE deal months back, he is available.

He was an emerging name while he was in the WWE around 2003 to early 2007. Before he was released, he was being pushed for a possible World Title reign.

Since he is back, and he is considered to be coming back as a heel, he will work for the WWE and Jericho.

Masters is significantly smaller than what he once was, but that won't stop him from showing his improved wrestling ability. He may no longer be "The Masterpiece" as far as he body goes, he is good enough wrestling and mic wise to return to the WWE and be Jericho's partner.

While I feel he is the man who will most likely be the choice, I feel that there is another.

Carlito recently split from his brother Primo. I, along with many others thought there would be a storyline with them. That didn't happen, which is surprising because usually when a tag partner, (especially a brother) turns on the other, there is always a storyline with them unless something bigger is about to happen.

Although Carlito is in the 6 pack US Title match, he most likely won't win the title. I feel Kofi will retain or Big Show will win it, but we will have to see.

In any case, I feel it is puzzling that Carlito was added to the US Title match and not left out to feud with his brother. Therefore, he could be someone to keep in mind for Jericho's partner this Sunday.

Carlito and Masters are the two people at the top of my list. But I could be wrong.

Who do you feel Jericho will choose?

-Joe Burgett

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