Friday, July 10, 2009

Lesnar vs. Mir: The Ultimate Showdown!!

Tomorrow night, July 11th 2009 has been marked on the calendars of every Mixed Martial Arts fan for months now.

UFC 100 will take place tomorrow night, and ever since it was announced earlier this year, it's been eagerly anticipated.

The storylines are abundant. Brock Lesnar, who is becoming very popular, very quickly, is taking on Frank Mir in a rematch two years in the making. In addition to all of the excitement of the rematch of Lesnar's first UFC fight, the Undisputed Heavyweight title is up for grabs.

The Heavyweight title is not the only title that is on the line tomorrow night. Also on the main card is a fight between Georges "Rush" St. Pierre who is defending his welterweight title against Thiago Alves.

Adding to the excitement is the fact that the proceedings are taking place in Las Vegas, NV. That will add an extra element to all that's happening, as you will have extra buzz.

Welterweight Championship Bout:
St. Pierre over Alves in 3rd.
Heavyweight Championship Bout:
Lesnar over Mir in 2nd.

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Joe said...

I personally love watching UFC. I'll tell you what I have been telling others.

Lesnar will lose to Mir. See, Lesnar did dominate their last fight, but who won? Thats right, Mir did. And it was because he had more experience and caught Lesnar out of no where.

People keep talking about how Lesnar learned from his mistakes, but forget that Mir also learned from his.

Lesnar has a hard punch, but that is only if he can hit you. He also has wrestling skill, but that is about it.

Mir can kick hard, punch hard, and he is experiences in BJJ. Because of this, he will win over Lesnar. I feel Mir didn't take Lesnar seriously last time, as if he overlooked him.

This time around, Mir knows what to do to beat him. And will!

Mir over Lesnar in the 3rd.

I also have St.Pierre for the win, he is just to strong right now for Alves.