Friday, July 3, 2009

Review: Round 5 World of MMA Champions Figures

By Bebs

So how many points of articulation does an MMA fighter need to be called an action figure and not a doll? NONE! Unless you want to argue with Matt "The Terror" Serra about that. In which case, we'll go ahead and notify your next of kin.

But we recommend that you forget the fully articulated posers and go for what really matters - looks, style and attitude.

Round 5 captures the look and spirit of the best MMA fighters in this new line of action figures.

These artists capture each champion in a unique caricature-style figure with oversized fists, detailed clothing, and natural fighting stances. I was thrilled to see Mauricio "Shogun" Rua with details right down to his ripped, tatooed biceps!

These are a must-have for any collector or MMA/UFC fan.

And for any purists out there who say anything that doesn't bend at the elbows should technically be called a doll...a nice gentleman called "The Pit Bull" will be stopping by your house later to straighten things out.

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