Friday, July 3, 2009

What is next for Jeff Hardy?

- by Joe Burgett

For over 10 years now we have seen a Charasmatic/Extreme Enigma by the name of Jeff Hardy make his way up the "Ladder" of the WWE.

I was a fan since day one when he beat Razor Ramon(Scott Hall) by a count out in his debut match with the WWE.

It seems weird that I would become a fan of this man then, but I did. He left for a while after jobbing to bigger names, and came back with his brother Matt to form the Hardy Boyz.

They began doing well in the tag team division, beating teams such as the APA, Edge and Christian, and even the Dudleys/Team 3D.

But still, they were just as good in the singles division as they were in the tag team division.

This was proven to the world when Jeff Hardy won his first Intercontinental Championship.

He took on the likes of Triple H and the Undertaker and came out looking better than they did, even in a lose.

The time he really began to shine was when he took on The Undertaker for his Undisputed Championship in Hardy's specialty, a Ladder Match.

Hardy almost won, until Taker grabbed him just in time, took him down, and retained.

He did so well against him that fans took notice and began wanting to see more of him. Therefore the WWE gave him more titles such as the European, IC, and cruiserweight title.

We finally saw a a dream come true for Hardy and his fans when he won the WWE Championship at Armageddon this past year. He only held it a month, but he did win the title, which is something no one can take away from him.

Now, what is next for Hardy?

He is currently in contract talks with the WWE, as his current deal expires in a few weeks.

He is said to be close to signing a new deal, but if he doesn't then he will do a "by appearance" deal with the WWE, where they will pay him everytime he wrestles and/or does TV work with them.

He wants time off, so he will obviously take the time off this month. Probably after Night of Champions, considering the rivalry between he and CM Punk is not over yet.

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PaTrIcK said...

I think that you are totally right about everything. i to am a jeff hardy follower. BUT started to be a fllower2007 betwen those two. BUT i wish i started sooer! he is my one and only hero!!! i use to like matt but now his jealous that he can't be like jeff. don't get me wrong i like matt is just he was stupid at the rumble! GoOdByE,