Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Look into the WWE's Next PPV, The Night Of Champions

The WWE's upcoming PPV, Night of Champions which airs this Sunday, looks to be great in my eyes.

Not only do you have the whole world wondering who Chris Jericho's tag partner is, but you also are set to see every single title in the WWE defended.

That means both women's title, all the World Titles, the US and IC Title, and of course the unified tag title.

It is a PPV that many wait all year to see. While some say that the WWE only has 5 PPVs people consider the best of the year in Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, No Way Out, and Wrestlemania. We have to realize that the WWE has a gem here in Night of Champions.

It may be considered a gimmick PPV, but who cares? I love it, and we will definitely see titles change.

I feel it is a given that Maryse will lose her Diva's Title. Only because she is the longest reigning champion in the WWE right now. Mickie James needs to be recognized, and she needs the title if you ask me. Maryse had her shot, its time to give it up.

The Women's Title is one of those that could be passed. However, because Maryse could possibly lose, there is no way the WWE would have both women's titles change hands. So, I see McCool retaining Sunday.

Dolph Ziggler is one of the hottest heels in the WWE today. The WWE, especially Vince McMahon are high on him. This is why he is getting a huge push. I feel that even though Rey Mysterio just won the Intercontinental Title, Ziggler will take it from him.

I feel he needs it to really get on a roll, even more so than he already has.

The World Titles are a toss up to me. I feel that Orton could easily lose to either Triple H or John Cena. But it seems the WWE wants to really keep him as WWE Champion for a while, at least until the Fall. So, I feel he will retain.

The World Heavyweight Championship is a tough one, but you have to go with CM Punk to retain here. I mean, Jeff Hardy's WWE contract expires shortly after the NOCs PPV. Because of this, the WWE won't give him the title. I hate to say it ladies and gents, but Hardy won't win this Sunday.

Christian vs Tommy Dreamer is another tough one. But to me, you have to go with Christian. True, he has had his shot with the title before. However, Christian is a better fit as ECW Champion rather than Dreamer. Dreamer is up in age, and he doesn't need to be the #1 guy on the brand. Christian can be, plus, Christian is already being misused by being on ECW in the first place. So, to reward him for being on the WWE's C Show without complaining, you have to give him the title back.

Also, the WWE never planned to have Dreamer hold the title long anyway.

The US Title is one that could go one of two ways. Either Kofi Kingston somehow retains or Big Show wins the title, plain and simple.

Keep in mind, Big Show has not held a title in the WWE since being on the ECW Brand 4 years ago. He hasn't even held a tag title. Keep in mind also that Big Show took a leave of absence from the WWE to pursue a boxing career that didn't pan out.

He has not held a title in the WWE since his return well over a year ago. So, I feel he is due for a win, and he could walk out the new United States Champion. So I pick him. But, if he is not the winner or Kofi does not retain, I'll be shocked.

The Tag Title mess seems to be catching everyone off guard a bit. I feel that the WWE is making such a big deal out of the new tag partner for Jericho that there is no way he and his new tag partner will not walk out still Unified Tag Champion. Sorry Legacy!

-Joe Burgett

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