Saturday, July 11, 2009

CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy-Who is the TRUE winner?

While watching SmackDown last night, I saw a wonderful promo cut by none other than CM Punk. He talked about his life compared to Jeff Hardy's.

He spoke of how Hardy has 2 strikes and he has 0. He then preceded to speak about how he has never been suspended and Jeff has. He basically relating his life to Hardy's.

Straightedge vs The Charismatic Enigma. Who will win?

I say, who cares? Why you ask?

Basically we are seeing the best storyline in the WWE right now, Punk vs Hardy. It has everyone intrigued in some way.

We saw Punk as a babyface character for so long and the moment he went out and cashed in Money in the Bank on the super over Hardy, he has been the bad guy, even after explaining his actions.

Now, while this was not right for the fans who once loved Punk to now turn on him out of no where, it was cool to see them do it.

It shows how Hardy is indeed the most popular and beloved superstar in the WWE today, and how there is no one who can dispute it. Because of this, we have a guy in Punk who can show how his lifestyle relates to his. It is basically, the Saint vs the Redeemer.

Hardy is trying to redeem his career and is trying not to make mistakes like he once did with drugs an alcohol, while Punk never has made these mistakes.

It is something people are on the edge of their seat about, not just because they "like" either superstar, but because of the story between the two, both real life and storylined.

People will love how the story develops no matter the winner. Even if they have a favorite in the feud, they will always remember the storyline for what it was, one of the best the WWE has done in some time.

When you relate real life to a storyline in the WWE, you basically bring in excitement to what the superstars do. The fans get behind the face more than ever, or you make the fans agree with what the heel has to say somewhat.

No doubt that this match at Night of Champions will be greatly anticipated. We will see a lot in the coming weeks with these two. And because of this, it will only bring more excitement to an already red hot storyline.

-Joe Burgett

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