Thursday, July 9, 2009

Edge update and possibility for the Unified Tag Titles

As many WWE fans know by now, WWE Superstar Edge hurt himself in a house show match with Jeff Hardy.

He tore his Achilles heel tendon, which is very painful. For those of you who have had the injury, you know what I mean.

Because of this injury, Edge had to have surgery in Birmingham, Alabama with world renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

Andrews said that while this was a bad injury for Edge, it was not as bad as it could have been. He feels Edge will return just as good, if not better than before. Which is a good thing to hear.

The Unified Tag Team Champion will be out 6 to 8 months. Meaning he will be back at some point in 2010. I feel personally that Edge will be back at the Royal Rumble, which is at the end of January.

So essentially, Edge would be out 7 months if he came back then.

The original plan for Edge was to have him turn face after he and Jericho lost the tag titles. However, he won't be able to turn babyface(good guy) until he returns.

Therefore, look to see Edge return as a face instead of a heel(bad guy).

There is no inside information regarding the Unified Tag Team Titles now. Because the WWE has openly said that Edge has had surgery, everyone knows he is going to be out and not able to compete at Night Of Champions.

The reason there is no inside information could be because nothing has really been discussed.

The idea most people are thinking is obviously Edge and Jericho will have to drop the titles, but to who and how?

I would think Legacy would be the obvious choice considering they were supposed to face Edge and Jericho at NOC. However with the emerging storyline with Ted DiBiase Jr. and Randy Orton, that seems unlikely to me.

I feel what we should see is a fatal four way for the tag titles at Night of Champions.

Cryme Tyme, Legacy, Hart Dynasty, and William Regal and Vladimir Kozlov will compete to be the new Unified Tag Champs.

I would throw Legacy out as I mentioned before, and then throw ECW's Regal and Kozlov out.

That leaves SmackDown's Cryme Tyme and Hart Dynasty.

Because the WWE is not really in love with CT, it is unlikely they will give them the straps and make them the best tag team in the WWE.

Therefore, that would make the obvious choice the Hart Dynasty(DH Smith and Tyson Kidd)

They are already the best tag team in the WWE. They have all the tools, and they need more exposure and gold to show how good they really are. Why not make them the new champs? I'd plan on seeing Hart Dynasty as the new tag champs after Night of Champions myself.

But back to Edge. No doubt this is a big loss to the SmackDown Brand. However, they do have others that can take his place. So hopefully they can take fans' mind of seeing Edge and the ratings won't slide.

-Joe Burgett

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