Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is WWE Supertstar Kofi Kingston's Accent Fake?

As we all know, the WWE is an entertainment company. That is what the "E" in WWE stands for after all.

The reason I say this, is because we have to realize that not everything we see on WWE TV Shows are real. This even goes with gimmicks wrestlers use.

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston for instance, has a Jamaican Wrestler gimmick. We all know that Jamaicans speak their own language in Jamaica, and of course when they speak English they have a bit of an accent.

Now, apparently Elijah Burke knows this and he is kind of in an uproar over Kingston's Jamaican accent. In a recent tweet, he had this to say regarding Kingston:

"Well Kofi, at least Seth Green did his homework; His c-list acting was more believable than your "Jafacian Accent" on commentary! ~ PHS"

First of Burke, if I were you I wouldn't be making fun of a guy who has a job, when you certainly do not. Also I wouldn't make fun of a guy who has won three different titles in the WWE, where you won 0. This is a personal attack on Kingston to me. Burke, you lost your job in the WWE, and you know why. Kingston is one of the best young stars in the business today, get over it, your old news dude!

See, the WWE gimmick Kingston has is that he is a Jamaican born wrestler.

Key word is Jamaican born, this does not mean he lived there his whole life. See, I have a friend who was born in Spain. Neither of my friends parents were from there, but my friend's mother had her overseas, so while my friend had duel citizenship, she does not have an accent.

You can be born somewhere and not have an a strong accent.

I am sure Kingston was born there because one or both of his parents were from there. He moved to the United States and when he came to the WWE, they gave him a Jamaican gimmick.

So because he knows how to speak Jamaican, he may not have as strong of an accent as others because he came to America where he learned English early in life. Also, you can study and find ways to improve your speaking.

Burke is bitter, that is all this is. Kingston may not have the best Jamaican accent in the world, but it may not be fake. He may just be improving his voice. Did you ever think of that Burke? I think NOT! So please Burke, go home and update your Twitter feed to say this

"Me Elijah Burke, I call myself the Pope even though I am not from Italy, and I live my life by making fun of others. Yes, I have no life."

Have a nice day Burke!

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-Joe Burgett

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