Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo Break-Up: Does it really have an effect fans?

-Joe Burgett

For a long  week or so now, I have heard some really crazy things regarding the upcoming NFL season.

Whether its the Vikings continuing to go after Bret Favre, or Micheal Vick's whole 4 game suspension thing.

But the craziest thing of all involves the Cowboys. "America's Team", or so they say, has really started to look great.

Why? Because star QB Tony Romo broke up with his Country Singing/Actress Jessica Simpson. Of course this is something that will help the Cowboys right? Well right?!?!

To me, only an idiot would say the Cowboys are going to be good this season, even Super Bowl contenders, because Romo dumped Simpson.

People talk about him being distracted, but seriously, the dude is not going to play better because he broke up with the girl. If he plays better this season, it will be because he worked on his game.

We all know he is a good regular season QB, but is he a good post-season QB? I'm not so sure. He has never gotten past the first round, despite having a good enough team. Keep in mind, that he played Football as a starter for Dallas before he met Simpson. So while people want to make her the excuse for the horrible play, he is actually the problem.

I know this is something sacrilegious to say, but its completely true!

I feel the Cowboys will be worse in fact. Before he broke up with Simpson, people had the Cowboys possibly out of the play-offs. That is including some of Dallas' own fans, mind you.

Once Romo broke up with Simpson, people now have Dallas as a top contender? Are you kidding me?

I feel the loss of Terrell Owens is huge for the 'Boys. Owens had the most in yards and TDs over the past few years with the team. He was basically Romo's #1 target, and now he is gone!

Who do they have? Witten is the only guy there that can really say he started more than a few games and actually scored in most. Roy Williams seems to be as overrated as Charlie Weis' Head Coaching. Williams did improve, but I saw nothing that can make me think he can replace Owens.

Then you have the two running backs in Marion Barber and Felix Jones. Both are great RBs, but they can't run the whole game. Romo is in trouble, so I hope he is focused. If he gets into the play-offs, the weaknesses will show.

The impact of Simpson being dumped is basically nothing. It won't hurt or help the team, and it should have never been an issue to begin with. The fact that it was brought up was a personal issue between he and Simpson. Just because she was at games, it didn't make Romo play better or worse.

He was just as focused on the games whether she is there or not. He is a pro-ball player, wouldn't you think he could do that by now. I think so.

If anyone is to blame, its the Cowboys for playing like garbage and making Romo do everything. I'm Just Saying.

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