Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Product Review-Transformers 2G Flash Drives & Peripherals

By Bebs

There's just something about a're compelled to pick it up, see what it does, flip it around, turn it into something else.

This new line from Takara offers the most amazing Transformer products yet and they're perfect for just about anyone, new fans and old.

The USB drive is the obvious choice for storing schoolwork and showing off to your friends, yet subtle enough that the grown-up Transformer fan/business executive can use it in the office without anyone knowing there's a Decepticon in his pocket!

But seriously...if your dad takes this thing to work, he'll be showing it off to the rest of the guys all day. After all, he may look stern, but deep down, even the Executive VP still misses his Optimus Prime PJs from 1982.

USB Drives are available in Tigatron and Ravage models. Back in your dad's day, this Ravage guy turned into a cassette tape. I'd be willing to bet that half the people reading this haven't even seen a cassette tape! Luckily, Ravage has aged better than the rest of us, and can hold 2G of whatever data you need, even if its nothing but your best 1980's mix tape songs.

If you really want to trick out your desktop, however, take it all the way. Pick up the Blaster USB Hub to add 4 ports on your desktop, robot style or disguised as a laptop computer.

And pick up my personal favorite - the Grimlock or Trypticon mouse, which has one of the most amazing transformations ever! Use it as a relatively normal-looking and fully functional 3-button laser mouse, then turn it into a sweet T-Rex robot.

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