Monday, July 27, 2009

NES Review #16: The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer is based on the 1991 Disney movie of the same name.

Nazis are trying to steal an experimental jet pack that will give them an edge in modern warfare for the purpose of world domination.

It is up to the hero to don the jet pack and the helmet to stop the Nazis and keep the world safe!

The Rocketeer is a side-scrolling, run-and-jump and sometimes fly game. About halfway through the first stage, the Rocketeer is able to scavenge jet fuel power-ups, in addition to health and ammo power-ups.

The fuel power-ups allow him to use his namesake power and fly for short distances.

The Rocketeer is one of the coolest ideas ever put on film, at least to me. The video game version of it is only an extension of a great idea!

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just me said...

dude this game sucked. even for a nes game the graphics sucked. the controls where horrible. its just another horrible movie turned horrible game.