Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2010-The Video Game

How many people here love video games? Well, while I cannot see a show of hands, you can comment letting me know.

Anyway, if you do love video games and you love or even like the WWE a tad, then this is the game for you.

While it has not come out yet, it will come out in the Fall. We are supposed to know more about it around late August, so that means I will keep you all updated as I know more.

However, right now we do know what the artwork on the case will be. The case has Randy Orton, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and Edge on the cover.

It is a nice case, but, who cares about that right? We want to know about the game.

THQ, the maker of the WWE SmackDown vs RAW franchise said that "it will have more freedom than ever before" I personally want to see what they mean by this myself.

By more freedom, I think that we will have more arena access, a bigger move-set, and chances to make our own storylines.

I personally love last year's addition of "create a finisher" I feel it can be improved, but it was cool to see if you ask me.

What I miss is the GM mode, it was one of my favorite features, as I got to control and entire brand and see how mine stacked up against the others. It was fun, and should not have been taken out.

Instead, the WWE added the Wrestlemania Mode to the game. While it was well done, you could only do it with a few stars, so it got old. You could choose anyone on previous games for story mode, but not then.

Also, last year did have a mode where you could be anyone you wanted and work your way up to be a champion, but it wasn't that much fun and had no storyline at all, therefore making it not be as fun as previous games.

I gave last year's game a "C" only because I couldn't do as much in it as I could in the past with the others.

I want a "A" grade game from THQ and the WWE this year. The 2010 version needs to be the best of the best.

They are still working on the game, and the roster of stars will be bigger than ever before. So they have a lot to work with here.

What would you want to see in the game, WWE video game fans?

I want to see the GM Mode back, but that is my personal opinion. What is yours?

-Joe Burgett


andrew garon said...

I agree svr 2009 was o.k. but not nearly as good as svr 2008. I mean ya you could customize rosters and championship holders. But in 2008 you could crate title belts and wwe 24/7 was way better than carrer mode in svr 2009 and gm mode was great just like you said. I think they could of improved svr 2009 alot more and I'm hopeing svr 2010 is alot better.

matthew said...

last year game was ok. the create a finisher was fun but then it got old they need to realize there is so much more finisher u can create for example/ 450 frogsplash,moonsault elbow drop.450 head butt, should be able to create moves from behind,front,turnbuckle, on ground at legs and head and bring back create a title and create a faction and tag team lets here ur opions